Space and time. (It’s been a while)

There’s space at the top of our breath… and space at the bottom of our breath.   It’s the space when we are neither inhaling nor exhaling.  When we are calm.  After we inhale… space.  After we exhale… space.  (You can try it right now.)  And, how that space, while seemingly insignificant, matters.

I have been practicing yoga consistently for 2 years now, and have improved my form, endurance and strength. (Woo hoo!)  I attended a beginners class recently, which was not my plan or intention.  When I started, though, I was quickly and pleasantly surprised.   I was comforted in the fact that I could slow down.  Take the time to relearn and focus on what I thought I already knew.  The pressure was off.   And I deeply enjoyed and benefitted from the experience.

It seemed pretty clear to me that the benefits of slowing down, refocusing, can apply to nutrition and exercise.  We drive ourselves to keep going and push further, sometimes mindlessly and thoughtlessly.   We eat because we are supposed to or its time to, and not because we are hungry.  We stay inactive not because we are ill or tired, but because we habitually put our feet.  We don’t think to permit time for physical activity in our non-stop day.   Our routines can cause us to lose passion, and sometimes reason for why we do, act, eat, behave as we do.  We are living as we breathe most of the time, without paying attention or focusing.

Like the involuntary response of breathing in and out, we forget to stop.   To recognize where we are in a moment, embracing that space between our inhale and our exhale and our inhale again. This space and time matter.  Breathing mindfully.  Eating mindfully.  Living mindfully.  These can only improve and transform us.

It has been a while since I have updated my blog.   For me, it has felt TOO long.  That I have given too much space and time between my posts.  So I remind myself, as I remind you, that we all need space.  It’s ok to take time.  Especially when we need it.  Relish in it.  It has been a nourishing (love that word) time, and now I’m back and ready to share.   And will do so mindfully.

Peace & Cheers,


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