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“Special Eggs” Breakfast Sandwiches 

Oh so easy to make.  I mean REALLY easy.  I call these “special eggs” for the simple reason that I learned to make them when I was nine years old and  “special” was the most obvious adjective I could think of to describe them. What makes eggs special?  (If you want to get technical, eggs can be farm raised, organic, omega-3 enriched, brown or white eggs, etc.)  My secret to special eggs is that they are made really THIN.  What is more appetizing for you ~ thick unruly dough or delicately delicious crepes?  For me, there is something delicious about delicately thin eggs.  Added benefit here is that they cook in just seconds.  Whoa, did I just hear time saver?!

How to make said “special” eggs in your home?  Scramble eggs per usual, and using a large flat non stick pan (as you would use for making pancakes), pour just enough egg onto the pan as will fit.  Tilt the pan so the eggs run thin and stretches to all parts to cover the surface. Then, I usually cut the thin omelet down the middle with a spatula to make flipping easier.  Flip once and eggs are done.  Yes, these eggs cook in less than one minute. (If it took you longer, put less egg on the pan and make more thinner batches.)

Have whole grain toast (or whole wheat challah) ready to go.  Add sliced cheese or breakfast meat or sliced tomatoes or whatever you like.  See a list of my favorite Special Egg Breakfast Sandwiches that my family loves or create your own!

“Special” Breakfast Egg Sandwiches


In my house I make “special egg” breakfast sandwiches for my family most days.  It has been well documented the benefits of starting your day off with a healthy breakfast.  And I feel good about making breakfast that is packed protein, healthy fats, whole grains and fiber.  Also this breakfast takes NO time at all!  Need more encouragement?  You may have seen the article from The Atlantic on the proposed 2015 US dietary recommendations or the ABC news segment on new USDA recommendations for dietary cholesterol intake.  That’s right – this breakfast is quick and healthy for you.

Go for it. Make special eggs in your home and let me know how it goes.  Don’t be shy.  Please share and post your recipes here or @EmmaSamuelsRD Lets all #EatBetterTogether


~ Emma