Best Lunch Ever

Brace yourself.  This is super easy.  As a parent to young kids, I know ALLLLL about the boring monotony of lunch preparation.  What in the HELLo am I going to make the kids for lunch today? (If only there was a lunch fairy.)

On home days (as we call weekends in my house), I try to switch it up and make similar meals as I would prepare for week day lunches, but serve them heated.  That’s correct, take your same turkey and cheese or bologna and cheese, or just plain cheese and serve it warm.  Face it, who can turn down an old fashioned grilled cheese?

This past weekend I made grilled cheese and grilled turkey and cheese on whole wheat challah. Served with fresh cut fruit or veggies and this makes you look like a gourmet cook.  When I presented this lunch, my oldest stated “Mom, you make the BEST LUNCHES!”

Keep it simple and healthy.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy.



Grilled Turkey and Cheese
Grilled Turkey and Cheese