Let Them Eat Cake… Or whatever They Want When Traveling 

Let me ask you.  When you travel do you let all rules of “healthy eating” go out the rental car window?  Be honest.  You don’t have your own kitchen or favorite salad place close by.  You aren’t running off to the gym before work or playing your weekly tennis game.  And since you are traveling, when in Rome do as the Romans do, and eat cake!

Yesterday marked day one of a week long trip with my family. I love love love travel but I also don’t like not having my “things” with me at all times.  (Admitted Type A here).  And things may include snacks that I can select throughout the day because I am a small-frequent meals type versus three- large meals type of gal. I also recognize that part of travel is the adventure and going with the flow.  Meal time included.

Now we all know that I am not going to tell you that I eat absolutely anything and everything.  And I will also admit that I made four PB&J sandwiches on whole wheat bagels at two in the morning before our nine am flight so I didn’t have to buy my kids breakfast at the airport.  (Personally, I’d rather spend $12 on something I can make at home versus $35 on something someone else made.  Travel is expensive enough and food costs really add up.)

I have a general rule that eating behaviors while at home or on the road should remain essentially the same.  (Same applies for physical activity or manners or anything else.)  So when we selected a Peruvian restaurant after arriving on vacation, I encouraged my kids to have the vegetables and protein just as I would in our own home.  The only difference was the dishes. (And that I wasn’t the chef!)

Similar to home, I allow for special treats for special occasions. Like visiting with friends across the country and having their delicious homemade cheese cake.  How could I deny my kids or myself that amazing treat?  (It was soooo good!)

I never tie “treats” in with my childrens’ behavior.  I’ve seen how that can lead to really anxious eating patterns and binge eating.  At the same time, I won’t deny that it upsets me seeing “kid” treats packed with sugar and foreign bright colors.  I am acutely aware that kids are flooded with food options void of any nutritive redeeming qualities.  Oh the dilemma.

Whether traveling or at home, I encourage my kids to eat balanced meals and focus on nourishing their body with good food.  If they’ve got the good stuff first? I also make room for special treats.  Like home made cake!
Stay healthy and travel well ~ Emma