You know what I’m talking about. The authentic tapas place or unforgettable fine dining experience where they serve garlic in this smooth hot mash that tastes so full and sweet you think they added something illegal to it?

Guess what? This is SO easy to do at home.  Although it takes an hour to cook, it only takes one minute to prep.  And let’s not forget to mention the many Health Benefits of Garlic.  Here goes:

1. Buy a whole garlic.

2. Cut the top off.  (Tip: cut at an angle on the sides so that most cloves have a little meat exposed. Do not peel the garlic at all.)

3. Pour olive oil on the exposed cloves. (Add fresh basil or Rosemary or any favorite fresh herb for flavor.)

4. Wrap in tin foil.

5. Place wrapped garlic on the grill (medium heat) or in the oven (350-400 degrees) for an hour. (In other words, let the garlic be the first and last part of your evening cooking prep. Put it in, then leave it alone.)

6.  Unwrap the foil (which will be HOT) and use a small spoon or knife to scoop out the meat.  (The peel will become a harder shell. Leave this alone and only take the soft garlic meat out.)  This can be spread on bread or crackers, or eaten alone.

You will love the delicious buttery sweet flavor of the smooth cooked garlic.  (Bonus: no salt needed!)

Have other amazing garlic cooking tips? Please share!


~ Emma