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A Lemon By Any Other Name… May Be Different

So apparently lemons are not all equal.  Mindblowing, right?   I recall a segment on the Martha Stewart show many years ago where she focused an entire segment on making Martha Stewart Meyer lemon preserves.  Honestly I had never heard of a Meyer lemon before.  Weren’t lemons just lemons?  And who on earth dedicates over 30 minutes to feature lemons?

Fast forward to a few years ago when I was wandering in the market and these citrus beauties caught my eye and I thought, what the heck?  Let’s see if these are noticeably different from their genetic counterpart.

For starters they appear smaller, more round, smooth, and a deeper yellow in color. But what really caught my attention was the flavor.  Wow.  They have a sweeter citrus flavor as compared to the acid and sour standard lemon.  How did it take me this long to give them a try?  Once I turned to Meyer lemons, I really never went back.

Try making a salad and using olive oil and Meyer lemon for dressing. It tastes SO good.  And best part, they are currently in season.


Don’t wait as long as I did to give them a try. Enjoy!


~ Emma