New Beginnings

It’s new. It’s a beginning.  Even though this has been not new at all.  Not at all for me.  For four years I’ve waited for this moment. (And it’s NOT that fried Oreos are a year round treat, though that is quite tempting to propose.)

I am finally starting my private practice.  Open as of the new year.  I will be able to meet with clients one on one and in group settings.  I will be launching some group and hands on events.  (Can’t wait for these!)

From the conception of Eat Better Together, my vision has remained clear.    To empower, encourage, and educate people to eat healthy.  Food should be enjoyed, celebrated, experimented with, and memorable.  Lets face it, we MUST eat.  Let’s take away the angst, stress, misinformation, fear, and struggles out of the eating experience.

My goal is to help people and families with weight management, improved food selections, and greater acceptance of healthy eating.  I have a family-focused approach so that the households can all be on board together. We need to work together to achieve our goals.  (Yes, little kids too!)


Thanks to all who have been on this journey with me.  Wishing all of you successful new beginnings in this new year.

Cheers   ~ Emma