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It’s All About Sole (Lemony Dover Sole w/Capers)

Dover sole, that is.  Sole is a kind of flat white fish which means it is low in fat and mild in flavor.  This class of fish is a good source of protein, Vitamin D, Selenium, and B Vitamins to name a few.  Delicate in size, sole cooks quickly and compliments the flavors you are cooking with.

A few nights ago I made this for my family.   If you follow my blog you KNOW that I don’t measure ingredients when I cook, so here’s a rough estimate of what I used just to give you an idea.  Perhaps the images along the way will be helpful too!


Lemony Dover Sole with Capers 

  • 1+ TBS vegetable oil
  • 2 TBS of Mirin sweet cooking wine
  • 1 large green onion, sliced
  • Lemon rind of 1/3 lemon
  • 1+ TBS of capers
  • 1+ lbs of Dover Sole
  • 3 TBS of panko or bread crumbs (optional)

In a pan, put the first 5 ingredients together and sauté on high heat for about 2 to 3 minutes.

Green Onions
Sautéed green onions, capers, lemon rind
Place the raw Dover sole on top of the sauté.

Cooking Sole
Sautéing Dover sole over green onions, capers, lemon rind.
Flip the fish after 2-3 minutes (when the edges go from translucent to white).  Turn heat down to medium.  Optional: sprinkle panko or seasoned bread crumbs on top and cook for another 2 minutes until the fish is no longer translucent.

Cooking Sole w:Capers
Sautéed Dover sole
The sole is fragrant and light with loads of flavor.  Feeling inspired to make this at home but don’t have the same ingredients?  Here are some cooking suggestions:

  1. Mirin is a sweet cooking wine.  You can easily replace this for regular white wine which will taste less sweet.  You can add 1/2 tsp of sugar to the sauté to sweeten this up if you want.
  2. Lemon rind packs a stronger flavor than lemon juice.  However, lemon rind can easily be replaced with fresh squeezed lemon, or more creative options such as orange rind, fresh sliced kumquats, or even blood orange wedges.  All will add a bright citrus flavor.
  3. No capers?   No problem.  Try Kalamata olives to infuse a strong flavor. I may also try canned artichoke and sun dried tomatoes.  All these will compliment nicely.
Panko Topped Dover Sole
Panko-topped Lemony Dover Sole with Capers


~ Emma