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It’s All About Sole (Lemony Dover Sole w/Capers)

Dover sole, that is.  Sole is a kind of flat white fish which means it is low in fat and mild in flavor.  This class of fish is a good source of protein, Vitamin D, Selenium, and B Vitamins to name a few.  Delicate in size, sole cooks quickly and compliments the flavors you are cooking with. A few nights ago I made this… Continue reading It’s All About Sole (Lemony Dover Sole w/Capers)

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Doing Leftovers Right

Let’s be real for a second.  How many of your evening meals are lazily referred to as leftovers?  And then… you sigh.  Perhaps frown.  Why such the bad rap?  I LOVE LEFTOVERS.  Leftovers by design are functional, convenient, efficient, and inexpensive.  (If you are like some members of my family who cannot even consider something… Continue reading Doing Leftovers Right

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Beef and Barley (slow cooker meal)

In the winter months I crave warm food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I do not cook a lot of red meat for my family, and I am always trying to use different whole grains, so I figured lets use both at once.  To round out this trifecta of “don’t use often,” I made this… Continue reading Beef and Barley (slow cooker meal)

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“Special Eggs” Breakfast Sandwiches 

Oh so easy to make.  I mean REALLY easy.  I call these “special eggs” for the simple reason that I learned to make them when I was nine years old and  “special” was the most obvious adjective I could think of to describe them. What makes eggs special?  (If you want to get technical, eggs can be farm… Continue reading “Special Eggs” Breakfast Sandwiches