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Doing Leftovers Right

Let’s be real for a second.  How many of your evening meals are lazily referred to as leftovers?  And then… you sigh.  Perhaps frown.  Why such the bad rap?  I LOVE LEFTOVERS.  Leftovers by design are functional, convenient, efficient, and inexpensive.  (If you are like some members of my family who cannot even consider something… Continue reading Doing Leftovers Right

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Beef and Barley (slow cooker meal)

In the winter months I crave warm food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I do not cook a lot of red meat for my family, and I am always trying to use different whole grains, so I figured lets use both at once.  To round out this trifecta of “don’t use often,” I made this… Continue reading Beef and Barley (slow cooker meal)

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A Lemon By Any Other Name… May Be Different

So apparently lemons are not all equal.  Mindblowing, right?   I recall a segment on the Martha Stewart show many years ago where she focused an entire segment on making Martha Stewart Meyer lemon preserves.  Honestly I had never heard of a Meyer lemon before.  Weren’t lemons just lemons?  And who on earth dedicates over… Continue reading A Lemon By Any Other Name… May Be Different

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When The Going Gets Tough… Don’t Start Eating

Oh no.  Summer is coming to an end.  (NOT YET THOUGH.)   School starts for many, vacation time is over, and life kicks back into gear.  Oh the circle of life, year in and year out. Living in the northeast, an enormous part of why I LOVE the summer is the fresh food availability.  From… Continue reading When The Going Gets Tough… Don’t Start Eating