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When The Going Gets Tough… Don’t Start Eating

Oh no.  Summer is coming to an end.  (NOT YET THOUGH.)   School starts for many, vacation time is over, and life kicks back into gear.  Oh the circle of life, year in and year out. Living in the northeast, an enormous part of why I LOVE the summer is the fresh food availability.  From… Continue reading When The Going Gets Tough… Don’t Start Eating

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“Special Eggs” Breakfast Sandwiches 

Oh so easy to make.  I mean REALLY easy.  I call these “special eggs” for the simple reason that I learned to make them when I was nine years old and  “special” was the most obvious adjective I could think of to describe them. What makes eggs special?  (If you want to get technical, eggs can be farm… Continue reading “Special Eggs” Breakfast Sandwiches