Raw Kale Salad

Looking for something fresh and healthy to spruce up your salad routine?  Here’s a hearty salad that’s rich in lovely dark leafy greens.

Raw Kale Salad


2 cups chopped kale
2 cups baby kale
1 bunch of scallions, white parts chopped
1 head steamed cauliflower- chopped (optional)
1 can Cannellini beans or Great Northern beans, drained and rinsed (optional)
Juice from 2 Meyer lemons
Dressing options: I have tried both a store bought lemon soy or sesame dressing.  Here are a recipe for each:  Lemon soy vinaigrette or Sesame dressing


Easiest salad on earth.   I like to chop my already chopped kale and baby kale even more.  Makes for less messy easier eating.  I like to mix both varieties of kale since the baby kale is soft and flat, and the regular chopped kale is hearty and thicker.  I have made this with either steamed cauliflower or white beans.  And for sure you could use both!  The lemon, scallions and dressing really give a great flavor to this simple and hearty raw salad.

Mix together and enjoy!

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