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Beef and Barley (slow cooker meal)

In the winter months I crave warm food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I do not cook a lot of red meat for my family, and I am always trying to use different whole grains, so I figured lets use both at once.  To round out this trifecta of “don’t use often,” I made this… Continue reading Beef and Barley (slow cooker meal)

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Salads: I love them, I hate them

Yes. I said it.  I love hate salads.  Who doesn’t? (If you were going to say “me,” don’t answer. ) I LOVE salads. Love love love. Especially good ones. Interesting ones. Salads that include ingredients that I would never consider pairing together.  Like kumquats and arugula.  Or roasted cauliflower with sesame seeds.  Or teriyaki tofu… Continue reading Salads: I love them, I hate them